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Trauma-Informed Training Workbook


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These empirically researched, classroom-tested learning guides provide teachers with an all-inclusive teaching “kit” that keep students on track through a flipped, student-centered instructional design.

Replacing high-cost textbooks with a low cost, light-weight print alternative (roughly the size of a magazine), these teaching and learning kits “unfold” online via the cloud and provide multi-media, scaffolded curriculum designed to build the skills needed for student success in college and beyond.

Aligned with Common Core Language Arts Standards, these print and digital texts provide new Language Arts/Composition faculty with everything they need to ‘hit the ground’ running, and veteran teachers with a plug-and-play flipped instructional design package.

Classroom Validated

My Study Guides have earned a 94%+ approval rating over four years in a variety of college classrooms, according to anonymous surveys that have included 100s of students and teachers—these study guides are a win-win!
—Instructor Knapp

STEM Writing Instruction

Using the Campus as a Living Lab model, this year-long 11th or 12th high school English Language Arts course or semester long college composition course guides students through a series of sequenced writing and research assignments that support the culminating project— a collaboratively developed Proposal that provides a research-based solution to a real sustainability problem.

Students apply what they learned in the first half of the course through a series of micro-lectures and an embedded closed captioned guest speaker series (GreenTalks) to develop their solutions. However, the strategies for teamwork and communication that students must apply in order to meet their Team Pitch/Proposal deadline may be the most valuable aspect of the course. With embedded supports for English language learners, the course gives students a taste of the creative problem solving and critical thinking required in today’s complex world and instills 21st century skills of life long learning, teamwork and clear communication—all essential skills for success in STEM.

Study Guide Technical Writing

Instructor Knapp: Study Guide Technical Writing

This all-inclusive “flipped” course guides students through practical, professional writing tips and strategies. Students watch view-do videos that prepare them for multi-genre assignments. Text, video (CC) and visual lessons appeal to a broad array of learning styles. Sequenced lessons build…

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 Language Arts Instruction

The Art of Revision

By Stacey Knapp in Instructor Knapp

8 pages, published 1/7/2014

Once the draft is complete, then what? This study guide teaches the process of revision and includes interactive lessons, grammar videos and related reading and activities.

Study Guide Technical Writing

Instructor Knapp:Study Guide Technical Writing

Technical Writing Study Guide for Engineers 100w…

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Rhetoric and Composition

Instructor Knapp:Rhetoric and Composition

Rhetoric and Composition contains the same complete course content as College Composition only without the Critical Reading Reflection formal essay assignment. Instead, this reader focuses on two formal essays: the Rhetorical Analysis essay and the Discipline Investigation report. This version also…

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College Composition

Instructor Knapp:College Composition

This teaching and learning kit includes materials and lessons for a Common Core-aligned, high school language arts course with research-based strategies to support English Language Learners. Includes three complete customizable essay assignments with corresponding peer review cover sheets, CC…

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College Reading

By Stacey Knapp in Instructor Knapp

38 pages, published 8/15/2013

Complete interactive, multi-media course reader includes research-based lessons, key strategies, external reading links and assignments that prepare students for college-level reading and writing. Supports implementation of Common Core Language Arts Standards. Literature provided, but an informational text can be selected by instructor, or chosen through student interest in topic areas. Culminates in student run book club projects and…

Professional Development

Trauma-Informed Training Kit

Safe Schools

Safe Schools: Safe Schools

Trauma-Informed digital workbook•Common Core Aligned•Teaching and Learning Kit includes half-day, hands-on workshop that helps educators practice, discuss, apply and share trauma-informed practices.

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