As a lifelong learner, I continually engage in online learning courses. Not only does this practice allow me to study new online learning models and evaluate what works and what doesn’t, but I can update my skillsets in targeted, high-need areas.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Master of Fine Arts in Writing, and a Post-Secondary Teaching certificate in Integrated Reading and Writing Instruction. In December 2019, I will complete my Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology.


I have received the following certificates:

I also frequently learn through the following institutes and online education platforms:

  • Esalen Institute
  • Udacity
  • Linda.com
  • Stanford Online Writing Salon

Teaching Blog

Most recently my teaching blog has focused on environmental science and “sustainability” for my technical writing course in the College of Engineering.

From 2010-2013 Instructor Knapp blog was the Open-Educational Resource for the following courses:

  • integrated reading and writing
  • basic skills
  • critical thinking
  • reading
  • introduction to literature and critical theory
  • composition courses
  • AP English

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I am trained in the following learning and software platforms (in order of expertise):

  • Canvas Learning Management Systems
  • McGraw Hill Connect
  • Team Communication, Slack.com
  • Apple, including extensive experience in Pages, Keynote, Iphoto, Ipad drawing tools
  • Google Products, including more than a decade of experience using Sites, Sheets, Docs and Groups
  • You Tube Video Development with Closed Captioning
  • Camtasia Video Editing and Publishing
  • Excel w. Data Visualizations
  • Piktochart for Reports and Data Visualizations
  • Easily for Graphics
  • Adobe Creative Cloud products, including developing skills in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, AdobeCapture
  • Adobe Communications platforms: Behance, Spark and Portfolio
  • MacMillan Launchpad