Exciting Times/Challenging Times

This is an exciting time to be an educator!

But there is no denying that we expect today’s educator to know a whole lot more than we expected even a decade ago.

When I first faced a classroom of students in 1997, the idea to create intuitive online user-interfaces with multimedia assets and embedded, scaffolded assessment tools in order to cultivate growth and systems mindsets—did not occur to me.

In fact, when I began my teaching career, I had no idea what “student-centered,” “metacognitive,” or  “user-interface” even meant. And while I was pursuing my graduate degree with the express purpose of teaching writing, not one of my professors ever mentioned these terms. Nor did I have any expertise with the myriad online systems that I would be asked to navigate.

Through trial and error, success and failure, I made my way through the numerous challenges I faced on a daily, often hourly, basis. Sometimes I went home with a sense of job-well-done fulfillment, but more often I went home worried about why something I tried didn’t seem to ‘stick’ or how I should tweak tomorrow’s curriculum to avoid repeating the same mistakes I made today.

Even though I loved teaching, more than a few times the challenges of this steep learning curve caused me to consider giving up.

That’s why I designed Instructor Knapp training seminars and “plug and play” teaching materials. For the past seven years, I have classroom tested these valuable tools and surveyed 100s of students and educators, gathering feedback and data to improve each lesson. Through listening to the needs of busy educators and students, these customized technological and pedagogical frameworks immediately decrease that steep learning curve and ensure educators hit the ground running.

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